Our Team

Donald I.H. Stewart, President

E-mail: don.stewart@albabiogroup.com
Phone: (+1) 416 452 7242

Don Stewart is the President of Alba Biologics Group. Dr. Stewart brings more than 20 years experience in the Biotechnology industry, as well as a background in basic research, to this position. (...MORE)

Erik J. Wiersma, Associate

E-mail: erik.wiersma@albabiogroup.com
Phone: (+1) 416 452 7242

Dr. Wiersma brings 20 years experience in project management and team building in the Research and Development field to the group.... (...MORE)

Craig Binnie, Associate

E-mail: craig.binnie@albabiogroup.com
Office: (+1) 905 857 5399
Cell: (+1) 905 569 7542

Dr. Craig Binnie, an associate with Alba, was most recently Director of Drug Development, Trillium Therapeutics in Toronto, a developer of novel recombinant proteins and other biologicals for a variety of clinical .... (...MORE)

David Young, Associate

E-mail: david.young@albabiogroup.com
Office: (+1) 416 320 0544

David Young, M.Sc., has 12 years of diverse experience in biopharmaceutical development which includes research and development of recombinant proteins and process scale-up and manufacturing of these products .... (...MORE)

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